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I knowed love was here to stay when she told me to—

Paris Street; Rainy Day (1877), Gustave Caillebotte / Walk This Way, Aerosmith feat. Run DMC


kevin russ

Bad Religion
Frank Ocean


this unrequited love,
to me it’s nothing but a one-man cult,
and cyanide in my styrofoam cup.


Inka & Niclas - Watching Humans Watching, 2008-10

Human experience lives in the supranatural space between solid realities and phantasmic imaginings. Mind and eye vie, play, and ultimately blur as matter turns to memory, and memory affects encounters. These are the transformative moments when fantasy magics the tangible into the metaphysical.

A surprise of great beauty; an exhilarating, fearful moment; rapt awe; and a happy conversation between a human and nature is revealed in sweeping tableaus, lush color fields, and small, but undeniably engaged individuals, couples, and groups. Whether deeply involved in the conversation, or expectant that it will happen, the subjects bare a desire for this connection.

Hello dear just wanted to let you know I absolutely adore your blog you seem like such an amazing person :) have a lovely day

oh my god, that’s so so so sweet thank you!!! ❤️ seriously, thank you :D


A worker at the Roure perfume plant in Grasse, France, scoops up the morning’s rose harvest at the end of May. These rose petals will be processed immediately into an absolute, the aromatic liquid which is the basic component of perfume; photographed by Michael Freeman


You can stay in the same place and still find ways to leave people. - Beginners (2010)

Fake book covers, celebrating 19th century women writers.

you are so lovely!! thank you so much for all your effort. i'm honestly overcome with how wonderful you are. thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Oh my God, I’m so glad you appreciated that guide! It pleases me greatly — I just hope you now see Milano as a beautiful, rich city — the way it actually is! Milano has a sort of elegance you need to understand as you unveil it, walking through it, feeling it. It doesn’t take your breath away the same way as Rome, Venice or Florence… but it is wonderful. Milano only asks you to peer closer, to pay more attention. And then you’ll learn to love her so deeply.


alexander mcqueen autumn/winter 2008-2009

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