is there life on mars?

you are so lovely!! thank you so much for all your effort. i'm honestly overcome with how wonderful you are. thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Oh my God, I’m so glad you appreciated that guide! It pleases me greatly — I just hope you now see Milano as a beautiful, rich city — the way it actually is! Milano has a sort of elegance you need to understand as you unveil it, walking through it, feeling it. It doesn’t take your breath away the same way as Rome, Venice or Florence… but it is wonderful. Milano only asks you to peer closer, to pay more attention. And then you’ll learn to love her so deeply.


alexander mcqueen autumn/winter 2008-2009

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awww thank you so, so much this is such a sweet message *_* yours is great too, i’m following! (also. alex turner icon A+)

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Photography by Vivian Maier, 1956 (via)

Arctic Monkeys

“I smelt your scent on a seatbelt,” he sings on Cornerstone, which may just be the best thing Arctic Monkeys have ever recorded. The lyrics are a dazzling display of what Turner can do: a fabulously witty, poignant evocation of lost love, packed with weirdly suggestive details. The music is a long, wistful acoustic sigh, the melody so effortlessly lovely that you can’t believe no one’s come up with it before.

— Alexis Petridis



To mark the centenary of the First World War, Vintage is launching a unique collection of war fiction. April 2014 will see the publication of twelve works by the greatest writers of the last century, each tackling this most powerful and universal of subjects.

The series was a collaborative effort by the Vintage Design team. Each cover was designed and hand-painted in-house, with the aim of giving a bold, contemporary look to these war-themed classics.

hey, where is the pretty tiled place in your milan photoset? just.. feel like i should put it on my list for next time i'm there. always feel like milan has nothing besides the duomo and it would be good to see some other spots. thank you for the help :)

Here’s a little tour guide I spent a little too long typing down, complete with links to Google Maps. Enjoy!

The 25 Must See Places in Milano, Italia, from a Milanese.

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Something really weird just happened at the train station.
I saw a girl kill herself.


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  1. Red rose for Easter. incredible perfume. 20/04/14
  2. San Babila, Milano. 16/04/14
  3. Partly restored Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milano. My pride and joy. 16/04/14
  4. Me (left) and my best friend at a vintage showroom. 13/04/14
  5. Sunset light in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. 16/04/14
  6. Frames @ the Vintage Showroom. 13/04/14
  7. Four pretty girls standing on a pretty tiled floor. 13/04/14
  8. A moment of relax at the Vintage Showroom. 13/04/14